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An impulse for talent development through a portable recording studio. Collaboration to provide tools for the self-development of young people.

The Studiobox is a project in collaboration with Quardin, an organization that aims to aid the self-development of young people. In Rotterdam, as in other places, young people dream of one day entering the world of music. However professional facilities such as recording studios often pose a hurdle. The box is a portable studio, which allows people to build their future within their own surroundings.

One of the challenges of the box is to allow young people, without prior knowledge, to use the studio. The studio is assembled within a few minutes because the larger part of the setup has been pre-assembled. The setup is adjustable in height and merely requires a laptop to start functioning.

The Studiobox is currently in development, with the goal to distribute the product from a national platform.

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Studiobox context

On its own, the studio is a fine product. However, the use-context is much more important. Quardin has a lot of experience in stimulating young people, using writing camps, seminars, and workshops to engage at different levels. The Studiobox is an addition to that because it allows venturing beyond the front door. The current developments regarding covid demonstrate the necessity of doing so.

To allow the home use of the suitcase it is important to remain flexible. Using only three connecting parts, the Studiobox is ready for use.

studio in a suitcase

The biggest product-related challenge of the Studiobox is that of space. The suitcase is assembled using widely accessible products, but the acoustic panel has been specially designed. Acoustic felt allows for a lightweight and portable panel, which does not only take up little space but works together handsomely with the microphone stand.

Within the box, two micro monitors are fitted, which allow a neutral professional sound. During recording sessions two headphones are outfitted as well, to allow collaboration.


Are you interested or want to know more? Please contact us.

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