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Design should contribute to society, which is key to our practice. After the social impact factor has been fulfilled, requirements such as functional, financial and aesthetics come to play. Every solution has an impact on society, intended or unintended. In our approach, we shed light on these consequences and deliver desired results.

We use our product design process to tackle social challenges. The projects are often complex, involving many different stakeholders, but that’s the beauty of the job. Together with our clients we shape society. That’s not only necessary, but quite rewarding as well.


As the first point of entry, we investigate the overarching system. This provides insight into the bottlenecks, but more importantly, shows where added value can be offered. Our background as industrial designers plays an important role, as this knowledge allows us to explore technical possibilities and arrive at solutions that are able to operate ‘in the wild’.

In these kinds of innovations, the outcome is never predefined. That can prove difficult, but by using a tested structured process we guide our clients through most of the uncertainties.

We always make an effort to involve clients and corresponding stakeholders early. In doing so we use techniques like creative facilitation and co-design. By carefully tuning the solution to an organization’s question we offer plans that are effective and take you further.

concept development

From global idea to concrete solution. In this trajectory we explore the value of expressed ideas and work towards visual and tangible concepts. The start of a design process is always challenging, as the possibilities are endless, making choices difficult. By using prototypes and visualisations we embody ideas, to inspire and facilitate communication in order to take the next step.

product realization

The technical elaboration of a concept to a product or prototype. In this trajectory we use our qualities as industrial designers to bring concepts to life. In doing so we look for technical feasibility, cost and fit within the existing system. Small productions are possible in-house.

social research

Using prototypes and co design methods we research the social impact of your product or idea. Product design also finds its application in research, as physical objects can provide insight in difficult themes, leading to easier dialogue and a broader insight.

Using different creative techniques we explore, exemplify and simplify your question. In a seperate package we offer creative workshops. In these sessions we handle a problem or question using different creative methods from our practice. Want to know more? Check the workshops . page.

starting points

common project processes

In a first session, we take a closer look at the ideas present, as well as the question behind the question. By sharpening and clarifying we work towards solutions that will take you further.

Using co-design and creative workshops we assess the opportunities and challenges within your company, which are put in practice to inspire and take you further.

After analysis, we demonstrate the possibilities and exemplify the trade-offs. Branding, production process, and cost structure are taken into account.



The first step is to explore the question and get a grip on the situation. By identifying areas of value we develop a strategy to tackle the problem at hand.



Different concepts are developed, offering a solution to the problem. Using visualisations and quick prototypes we inform and facilitate the selection process.



The concept is detailed and optimized. These different options are tested until a product remains that answers to all demands.



In the last phase the solution is brought into practice. The last kinks are removed before the product solution is transferred.

→ strategy

→ solution

→ product

→ implementation

*Every assignment is tailor-made, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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