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Squid Opener

For professional sports(wo)men which want to stay in shape, even at the pub. Technical support and facilitation of the design process.

Bouldering and climbing have become a true social phenomenon, as there is so much to talk about. Optimal climbing routes, level of achievement, proper equipment, and more. Together with Squid, we were looking for a way to represent the social aspect of climbing in a design. The trajectory started with this question and has been developed into a set of three different bottle-openers, integrated into climbing grips.

The set offers a challenge to all climbers and requires serious gripping strength to open a beer bottle without spilling the goods. However, the first level, a baby blue opener, is accessible even to the starting climber.

In this project, we were able to assume a facilitating role. By guiding the design process, keeping an eye on technical feasibility, we were able to create space for Squid to focus on the important parts.

The beer opener is available at different shops as well as Squids’ web shop.

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