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Open the door in person, from a distance.
Design of a portable system demonstration.

Opening the front door doesn’t seem to be a problem, but there is ample room for improvement. In case of a distance between ringer and opener, in apartments for example, discomfort can be found. Openr makes it possible for people to look each other in the eye, through a system that connects smartphone and intercom. As a result, the door can be opened from virtually any place. Very convenient when receiving packages for example.

To sell this system and demonstrate its workings we’ve designed a demo suitcase and produced ten specimens.

The challenge is to configure the system; door opener, intercom, smartphone, and door into a portable package. To add to that the whole has to be powered, communicate and be well presented. A nice design challenge, from concept up to realization.

The demonstrations are currently in use at Openr, where they travel around to sales and installation personnel.

de koffer-ervaring

design in a suitcase

The strong aspects of the system really shine during real use, in the analog world. For the design of a demonstration, the target was to get as close to reality as possible. That means real doors, real locks, and even a miniature key plate. When unlocked the system even produces sound, feedback to aid in understanding the operation of the system.

Next to that, the end-user was considered. The integration of a power bank means that the demonstration is portable and flexible. Especially useful when visiting customers, during which the surroundings are often unknown.

The major challenge was found in the area of system design, to accommodate all components in a suitcase. The different parts such as power supply, communication between parts, shock proofing, and interaction all have to work together and fit in a small space. The total system is presented below.

Anker 1



space for every part

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